Gregori Saavedra


(1) He still keeps each and every toy from his childhood. (2) He was spelled from school in year eleven for improper behavior. (3) The fee for his very first commission here in London was only £1. (4) He can not bear the smell of peanuts. (5) In 1983 he won a 10 night trip to the USA. (6) By the age of 11, he stopped growing. (7) He raced motorcycles in his teens. (8) As a child, he dreamt of becoming an astronaut. (9) You may think he is brave, but he is not. He just can’t stand to be scared. (10) His daily routine includes a 30-minute swimming session. (11) He wakes up every single day at 6:25am, which is exactly his registered birth time. (12) He enjoys all kinds of movies, specially deep-sea-thrillers. (13) Recent calculations revealed he has consumed around 1258 donuts so far. (14) He survived a deadly train crash at the early age of five. (15) One of the things he hates most is people stepping on his shoes. (16) He was not supposed to be named Gregori.

Sixteen illustrated confessions printed in thin paper. A helping poster for those eager to know a bit more about this guy.