Three day night


As soon as I finished "Enjoy your worries", my first video for The Books, I can stop working on and I started working with this second piece. It was perfect to explain my own life story, my current state of mind. It was so fresh, so spontaneous that it became a complete success: Resfest 05 (By Design category), Webcuts Berlin 2005 (Best New Director), Prixars 05 (Finalist); BD4D_2006 (Best Director), LOOP'05 (Spain), AUSTIN DIGITAL ART MUSEUM (USA), Square Eyes 2006 (The Neherlands), DIBA 2007 (Barcelona),... Nothing was planned. That's the best thing. I guess that's the best way to do anything. Do it because you need to do it. The artist way. Any purpose means reaching a target and art does not know about targets. It just knows about purpose. Director & Editor GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Music THE BOOKS

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