A few years earlier I directed a small collection of videos for the smart guys of HallStreet. But Hallst.com is no longer that Hallst.com. It evolved and there is a new Hallst.com. They came back to me and asked me for creating a new visual piece to let everyone know what Hallst.com is now. And what the hell is it? What is Hallst.com? Well, that is the question. And this new video is just the answer. A clear and complete one. A perfect excuse to make one of my childhood dreams come true. I always loved puppetry. And I finally had the opportunity to play the puppeteer role. Not one time, but a hundred times. That is more or less the number of characters involved in this artisan video. Something absolutely different from what I use to do. But I love surprises. Specially this days, when everything is on Twitter or Facebook, and the news are no longer very new. Go to the Direction section and enjoy this naive and playful piece. Director GREGORI SAAVEDRA • Sound design IDEA SONORA

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