El maestro y Margarita


Grandes Obras Universales · Episode 13 · My brain is 24h open to any input. Everything is welcome. That weekend I was thinking about how to face this new and complex piece. It was in Covent Garden. We were at the Mr Punch and Judy puppets festival. More than 20 puppeteers from all over United Kingdom showing their own version of Mr Punch and Miss Judy play. All the same, same story, same characters, same ending but everyone different. I was so impressed. I had to do something with that. Definitely I had to. Director GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Executive Producer CARLOS ORTET · Motiongrapher ALBERTO VEGA · Illustrator GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Screenwriters YORYO HORTOLA & BEP MOLL · Voice RAUL ZAFRA · Sound Designer DIEGO CARDOSO · Production Director DAVID ORTET · TVE Executive Director JAVIER GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ · Produced by TVE in association with ZOOPA.

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