El ladron de bicicletas


Grandes Obras Universales · Episode 5 · It was summer, in Athens, alone, no wife, no daughters. I was working for a greek tv channel and there was also a new episode for Grandes Obras Universales to do. Then I met I guy. He was a homeless. No home, no bags, no suitcase, no nothing. He was wearing all his clothes on. One over the other. That night I imagined him getting undress, taking out all his stuff. Magically, it linked to an idea for another episode. Human mind is awesome.Director GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Executive Producer CARLOS ORTET · Motiongrapher ALBERTO VEGA · Illustrator GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Screenwriters YORYO HORTOLA & BEP MOLL · Voice RAUL ZAFRA · Sound Designer DIEGO CARDOSO · Production Director DAVID ORTET · TVE Executive Director JAVIER GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ · Produced by TVE in association with ZOOPA.

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