Crimen y castigo


Grandes Obras Universales · Episode 20 · This was the last piece I directed and illustrated for this TVE series. 20 pieces, 6 months of work, four new friends, thousand hours of fun. Our voice, Raul Zafra, purposed long time ago to create a piece based just in different kind of actings, like different radio program conductors. It was the time to let him show all his great talent, this episode must be the one. An opportunity not just for him, but also for our sound designer, Diego Cardoso. Obviously both were great. Please check it out, I am sure you will agree. Director GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Executive Producer CARLOS ORTET · Motiongrapher ALBERTO VEGA · Illustrator GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Screenwriters YORYO HORTOLA & BEP MOLL · Voice RAUL ZAFRA · Sound Designer DIEGO CARDOSO · Production Director DAVID ORTET · TVE Executive Director JAVIER GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ · Produced by TVE in association with ZOOPA.

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