Grandes Obras Universales · Episode 11 · My work usually reflects whatever surrounds me. I love this point. In this case, as far as I was directing and illustrating this project from London, my new home town, british elements must be there all the time. In this case, the stars were my new wheels, my daily transport, London buses. They are there all the time. They are communication tools I could use to explain this famous scottish story by William Shakespeare. Director GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Executive Producer CARLOS ORTET · Motiongrapher ALBERTO VEGA · Illustrator GREGORI SAAVEDRA · Screenwriters YORYO HORTOLA & BEP MOLL · Voice RAUL ZAFRA · Sound Designer DIEGO CARDOSO · Production Director DAVID ORTET · TVE Executive Director JAVIER GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ · Produced by TVE in association with ZOOPA.

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